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end of the year roundup: podfic
party poison
podfics made in 2013, in order of posting:

The First Rule of Online Dating by Chash. 11:18 minutes (TW; Stiles/Danny)
That Good Night by Dira Sudis. 2:57:32 minutes (dS; Fraser/Kowalski)
Dream a Little Bigger (Darling) by Dira Sudis. 11:12 minutes (TW; Derek/Stiles)
After All by Dira Sudis. 17:37 minutes (Teen Wolf gen)
manic pixie dream Derek by HalfFizzbin. 7:15 minutes (TW; Derek/Stiles)
with the lights out, it's less dangerous by victoria_p. 22:22 minutes (Avengers; Steve/Bucky)
Only Fools Rush In by victoria_p. 10 minutes (Avengers; Steve/Bucky)
this might be a problem & build a better box by verity. 12:05 & 42:49 minutes (TW RPF; O'Brien/Hoechlin)
A Slippery Slope by mistresscurvy. 9:40 minutes (TW RPF; Posey/Reed)
feet (ain't) on the floor by hito. 20:41 minutes (TW RPF; O'Brien/Hoechlin)

subtotals: 11 podfics; 4 fandoms; 7 authors; 343 minutes or 5 hours 43 minutes

podfic collaborations:

Lumberjack!Derek Notfic by gyzym. 7:33 minutes (TW; Derek/Stiles)
A Very Happy Hitchhiker’s Christmas by abstractconcept. 26 minutes (Arthur Dent/Ford Prefect)

total: 13 podfics; 5 fandoms; 9 authors; 6 hours 17 minutes

conclusions: more podfics finished than 2012 (3), fewer total minutes (7 hours 3 minutes)

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