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#ITPE dear podficcer letter
party poison
Dear Podficcer,

Hey, so I probably made your life difficult by picking a bunch of small fandoms and a rarepair in Teen Wolf even though I also ship Sterek. But you can still do Sterek! Oh, and I was into Stisaac for a half a second, but then forgot. When I read TW RPF, I was reading Dylan O'Brien/Tyler Hoechlin, but I could be sold on any combination of actors.

Although I read almost exclusively slash, I also really enjoy gen podfics. Or het in Discworld. I just reread Guards! Guards! and decided that I needed more Sam/Sybil. Things I like in any medium include happy endings, humor, and AUs. Things I really like in podfic are things I didn't know you could do with podfic until somebody does them. But the main thing I like is being read to.

Things I avoid in fic include major character death*, cheating, and other miserable endings. In podfic I also tend not to go for PWPs, but they don't squick me.

I saved some recs on my pinboard account, though often I find fic because the podfic was posted to Amplificathon. :/



*If they're still dead at the end of the story.**
**I also like footnotes.

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